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Increase Conversions by 200%+ with Facebook Retargeting – Get More Customers, Clients or Patients Fast!

Simple Fact: Consumers have to come in contact with your business 5-7 times before they will choose to become a customer, client or patient.

This can occur in many different forms. Visiting your website, checking your virtual doorway by looking at your online reviews, seeing some form of advertising, whether digital or print, etc.

Therefore, it only makes sense that an overwhelming percentage of your website traffic will not choose you on their first visit to your website (and we know this to be true).

Simple Fact: Facebook is the most popular social platform in the world, with the average user spending an hour a day on Facebook.

Simple Fact: Retargeting your website visitors with retargeting ads on Facebook is a no brainer. Increase conversions, stay stop of mind, and have your ads reach your targeted prospects whether on desktop or mobile.

Retargeting is an incredible and cost effective way to drive potential customers, clients or patients to a special offer on your website or back to the product they had an initial interest in.

How Does Facebook Retargeting Work?

As you can see from the diagram, retargeting is really quite simple. When a visitor comes to your website, a cookie is set via a Facebook “pixel” that then retargets the visitor to your website when they go to their Facebook account. The ad will be shown on their newsfeed, right in front of their nose, or on their mobile device.

How Facebook Retargeting Works

An overwhelming percentage of website traffic will not make a purchase on their first visit. Retargeting offers you another opportunity to turn these “window shoppers” and “tire kickers” into customers, clients or patients. Try these tips for retargeting and kick up your conversions in no time.

How Can You Use Retargeting?

Here are some ideas for you.

General Retargeting: Pull any website visitor back to your site with Facebook retargeting. When prospects visit any page of your site, display an ad to them to draw them back to your services.

Specific Product Retargeting: If you sell products, you can set up retargeting to draw visitors back to the product they were viewing on your site. In other words, you can use retargeting by segmenting your audience, and displaying different ads to them based upon what they viewed on your site.

Segmented Retargeting: You can break down your “window shoppers” and “tire kickers” into various categories, or segments, based upon their behavior on your website. You might segment by which pages they visited or which products they viewed. Give each group a semi-customized retargeting experience and explore ways to re-engage each segment of potential customers.

How might some of these work? Well, for instance, if you are a dentist, you can use retargeting to drive traffic back to a “New Patient Special”. An attorney, for instance, can use retargeting to offer a “Free Consultation”. There are many ways to utilize retargeting to increase conversions and gain more customers, clients or patients. The important thing is staying top of mind. When they are ready for the service or product you offer, you want them to think of YOU!

Use Burn Pixels for Retargeting:

A burn pixel is a line of code that stops the flow of retargeting ads once a person takes the required action or makes a purchase. There is no need to keep running retargeting ads on existing customers. Instead, place them in a unique marketing all their own. It’s a smarter way to offer them re-sells, upsells, downsells and additional services.

Conduct A/B Retargeting Ad Testing:

Running ads that don’t convert is a waste of time and opportunity. A/B testing allows you to run two different ads for the same segment. Over a period of time, it will become clear which of the two ads performs better. Moving forward, you can kill the losing ad and put your ad budget toward the ad that works best.

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